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SFL's Early Childhood Team Presents Family Engagement Webinar

SFL Announces Spring 2017 OK2Ask Schedule - Registration Now Open

SFL Early Childhood Webinar: Supporting Families of Special Needs Children

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The Source for Learning (SFL) is a non-profit company taking a unique approach to America’s education challenges. While others work on long-term systemic reform, SFL focuses on providing immediate benefits that, cumulatively, will produce transformative change. We do this by pairing sound instructional design, embedded professional development, and online technologies appropriate to the educational challenge at hand.  

SFL’s master teachers, child development experts, and researchers develop high-quality, accessible, interactive content for use by teachers and parents of children from birth through grade 12.  

SFL delivers its content through three online services. PreschoolFirst provides a robust assessment and learning experiences for early childhood facilities; TeachersFirst offers K-12 classroom teachers thousands of resources to enrich teaching and learning; and SFLBroadband provides 4G wireless access to students and teachers in those areas where SFL holds EBS licenses.  

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. The Source for Learning is organizationally and financially stable, our reach is nationwide—and we are effective. Research shows that our approach works; our services win awards; our staff are among the leaders and presenters at high-profile conferences; and users access our content about a million times a month.  

But some things have not changed. Our staff always works at the leading edge of innovation in both education and technology. Our Board of Directors continues to support the organization as it moves forward. And, most importantly, the company remains mission-driven, dedicated to helping children by promoting excellence in learning.  

Source for Learning’s services—many offered at no charge—are supported by royalties from our broadband channels’ excess capacity; by subscriptions to some of our services; and also by donations from generous individuals and organizations.

 While we’ve accomplished much, there is more to do. SFL seeks mutually beneficial partnerships to expand programs and services and increase awareness, access and affordability. We can offer a corporate partner an opportunity to enhance their visibility, increase their credibility and expand their market share.


I just wanted to thank you so very much for the Globetracker's Mission adventure! I am teaching gifted 3rd grade students about Geography, and this site has been incredibly helpful. The students thoroughly enjoy the interaction provided by the site. We started out using the Smartboard and reading and exploring the weekly episode together, voting in mass. Now, each student logs on individually. Each week, I create a brief interactive page for them to answer questions so I can ensure they read every part, not just rushing to cast their vote. They especially like the text messages, interaction with Google Earth, last week's AIRPLANO site, and the expression, "Holy Idaho!" I totally love the exposure and connection each child makes, especially when you visit their chosen country. I can not thank you enough for your expertise and time with each weekly adventure.
Karen Kunsa


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