Early childhood educators across the country are feeling the stress of caring for young children and their families.

Below are a few resources to guide and support early learning programs and early childhood educators during public health crises. This information can help to establish lasting protocols to safeguard the health and safety of all educators and the children and families they serve while continuing to help children develop and learn.

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COVID-19 Support for Early Childhood Educators
A compilation of resources that respond to multiple concerns for educators.

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Strategies to Cope with Stress
Proactive steps you can take during this time of uncertainty.

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COVID-19 Financial Assistance Resources for Early Learning Programs
Funding resources and grant opportunities for early learning programs

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The Importance of Reading to Children During Difficult Times
Tips for reading to children during times of uncertainty.

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Professional Learning Resources

Explore state-by-state early childhood educational online resources such as, webinars, articles, videos, and virtual trainings, for your own professional development!

Family Resources for COVID-19
Resources to provide emotional support and learning experiences for families as they are coping with the stresses of the Coronavirus.

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Developmental Activities for Families

Activities that educators can share with families to continue their child’s learning at home.

Family Activities

Clean-Up is Fun!

Age: Infant

You are encouraging your baby to listen and attempt letting go activities.

What’s New?

Age: Toddler

You are helping your child learn how to communicate their wants and needs through words or gestures.

A Silly Bath

Age: Preschool

Your child is learning that bath time has a routine that they follow every day.

Splish, Splash, Catch

Age: Pre-K

You are helping your child practice using their eye and hand coordination to catch a moving object.


Previous Activities