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Fall 2018

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  • Effective leadership practices.
  • Strategies for the complex nature of leading an early learning program. 
  • New approaches to support other ECE peers!

Available NOW-24/7!  Discover strategies and acquire new information by accessing our archived webinars.  

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Early Childhood Education Workforce: Exploring the Trends and the Power to Change

Thursday, September 13, 2018, 1:00-2:30 PM ET

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Keeping up with the efforts to advance early childhood education as a professional field of practice, during this webinar we will explore current trends in the early childhood education workforce. Participants will be apprised of a national initiative - Power to the Profession - and how the initiative is gaining momentum to change societal perception of early childhood educators.  



  • Update on the Power to the Profession Initiative.
  • Explore trends impacting the early childhood education workforce.
  • Discover ways to advocate for Early Childhood Educators.

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Presenter(s): Toni Cacace-Beshears, Alyson Williams, Elliott Haspel