What We Do

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Encouraging Teachers, Engaging Students

To see The Source for Learning in action, don’t stop by our offices. Instead, look over the shoulder of a preschool teacher in rural Texas as she confidently assesses the kindergarten-readiness of a dozen five-year-olds. Or watch a third-grade teacher in Pennsylvania navigate a wilderness of online learning tools, in minutes, to discover just the right approach for a lesson on human anatomy. Or shadow a middle-schooler in Atlanta as he pecks out a midnight research paper at his family’s kitchen table. (Last semester, without our backup, he spent his evenings scavenging wi-fi signals at a coffee house miles from home.) 

Exceptional teaching, learning, and professional growth, made possible at little or no cost. That’s what we do.

The Source for Learning:

  • Rich, reliable content—created, curated, and aggregated by professional educators
  • The web’s foremost collection of K-12 learning resources
  • User-centered professional learning, with topics for early childhood through high school.
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Resources for Educators

Keys to Professional Development and Classroom Success

The best teachers never stop learning. So, given their demanding schedules, they look for the shortest path to trusted resources, whether for growth as professionals or for effectiveness in the classroom.

That path most often leads them to online services from The Source For Learning, for: 

  • Classroom Resources
    Assets that cover countless subjects, for settings that range from early learning through high school.
  • Professional Learning
    The highest quality in original topics, coaching, professional advancement, and peer support. 


We Invite You to Explore


Classroom resources 
Professional development resources

An almost boundless archive of curated, classroom-ready content and ideas, TeachersFirst is available free to K-12 teachers. Built-in guidance from seasoned professionals makes effective classroom use trouble-free.

  • Time-saving, user-friendly format
  • Advertising-free content
  • Original teaching tools developed by professional educators
  • More than 15,000 teacher reviewed web resources


Early Childhood 
Classroom resources 
Professional development resources

Lifelong training is essential for teacher effectiveness, but time and budgets can be tight. SFL Early Childhood webinars put valuable new knowledge within easy reach. And presentations by our nationally recognized experts enrich professional conferences across the country.

  • Designed for teachers working with children from birth to 66 months.
  • Backed by PreschoolFirst, the SFL online assessment system


Classroom resources

In a safe, social learning environment, MySciLife engages students by empowering them to role-play concepts in science, as they interact with their peers in school and around the world.

  • Students employ status updates, interactions, and a full range of digital media
  • A MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Award finalist




Classroom resources

SFL's research-based, online assessment system is designed to improve school readiness. Targeted reports give teachers, families, and administrators a shared understanding of each child's progress. 

  • Builds program quality in a variety of settings
  • Connects developmental progress with educational decision-making
  • Effective with either full classes or individual children


Classroom resources 
Professional development resources

A continuing series of live, online, hands-on sessions with our TeachersFirst professionals, OK2Ask brings educators together to learn informally and earn professional development certificates.

  • Interactive and practical
  • Packed with ideas for K-12 classrooms
  • Scheduled for convenient, after-work participation


SFL Broadband 
Classroom resources

In many parts of the US, and in schools with limited means, Internet access remains problematic. SFL helps level the field by offering 4G wireless accounts and mobile hotspots...

  • to educators and administrators in more than 20 metropolitan areas
  • at minimal or no cost
  • for students in homes without Web connections