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SFL's Early Childhood Team Presents Family Engagement Webinar

SFL Announces Spring 2017 OK2Ask Schedule - Registration Now Open

SFL Early Childhood Webinar: Supporting Families of Special Needs Children

ReSource of the Day

This month's TeachersAndFamilies TogetheRead theme.


Support The Source

Donation Levels

When you contribute to Source for Learning, there are real results.

For instance...

,?? A $5,000 contribution could underwrite an entire school district's use of PreschoolFirst in its early childhood classrooms for one year.

,?? A $1,000 contribution could provide a year's 'scholarship' to PreschoolFirst for a preschool in a low-income neighborhood

,?? A $500 contribution could help SFL increase its outreach activities to K-12 schools and preschools interested in our services.

,?? A $250 contribution could help bolster SFL's New Technologies Fund, which supports innovative uses of new communication technologies in schools.

,?? A $100 contribution could provide a local library with support materials for the TogetheRead service available from SFL's TeachersAndFamilies site.

Contributions in any amount are always welcome. Each dollar supports SFL's important work in preschool and K-12 education--and it's tax-deductible.

Will You Consider The Source?

There are many ways to help support the mission of Source for Learning:

• Donations
Any amount is welcome. See what various levels of support can accomplish. Then donate online, or download a printable form you can mail with your donation.

• Underwriting / sponsorship
We offer many opportunities for underwriting and sponsorship--of complete services, components of services, and specific content. We will be glad to discuss these "win-win" possibilities with you; please call 703-860-9200.

• Partnerships
From joint ventures to helping us get the word out, Source for Learning can provide an innovative way for partners in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors to meet their goals while helping children learn. Our educational mission and our extensive reach with schools and families mean that partnering with Source for Learning can bring marketing benefits. To talk about the possibilities, please call 703-860-9200.

• Other support
Many kinds of help are welcome, including in-kind donations and professional services. Please call 703-860-9200 to discuss how you might help.



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