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Helping Teachers Enhance Learning

Today’s teachers are starved for time, short on budget, and flooded with digital options. “When that classroom door closes,” one teacher told us, “I feel I just have to fend for myself.”

We understand—we’ve been there. We are experienced, creative teachers, instructional designers, and developers. Our mission is making classroom teachers’ lives more productive and more professionally rewarding.

We’re the nation’s most established online creator, compiler, and curator of free learning assets. For almost 40 years, we’ve been building a loyal following of teachers—from novices to classroom veterans—giving them a new perspective on how to teach what they teach. 

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“After almost four decades of service,
The Source for Learning (SFL) remains a
steadfast resource for educators.”

—Clifford Janey, Ed.D. 

“Every product there is reviewed by an actual teacher
who describes how it would look in the classroom.
That’s essential...”

—Boni Hamilton, Technology Educator

"When the pressure is on,
I rely on SFL's early childhood resources
to help things turn out all right."

—Toni Cacace-Beshears, Early Childhood Educator